Marketing can be defined as an activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large, according to the American Marketing Association. Much of our marketing research at the department relates to this.

Our main research areas are found within the fields of brand studies, consumer studies, and studies related to retail and channel (inter-organizational collaborations).

The strength of the research conducted by the marketing group is our ability to approach these areas from several perspectives, for example an international perspective with focus on emerging markets; cultural perspectives and sustainable perspectives. Research includes marketing to consumers as well as to business markets. We are strong both in terms of academic and practical relevance.

Our area of research contributes to a better understanding of the marketing process and the needs and behaviours in the market place.

Our area of research contributes to a better understanding of the marketing process and the needs and behaviours in the market place. We also contribute to a better society by research in sustainability. Examples are on how organisations can build brands around sustainability; secure that their suppliers are sustainable and how consumers can be more sustainable regarding food consumption, transportation and choice of retail outlets.

Presently we prioritise doing more research into sustainability, but new research projects also include innovation in retailing and marketing. Examples are omnichannel retailing; digitalisation in brand building and selling that creates new opportunities in the marketing process and in customer engagement.

Our research covers areas such as:

  • brand studies
  • consumer studies
  • internationalisation
  • retail and channel studies
  • sustainability.

Centre for Retail Research

Lund Brand Management Group

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Last published: 2021-06-22