Internships for Bachelor’s programme students

What would be interesting career paths for you after you graduate? How can you use – for example – your fifth semester to get closer to your dream job? 

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This is your opportunity to niche your education and to gain some valuable practical experience by doing an internship in a field of interest, while also gaining ECTS credits.

You can do your internship in Sweden or abroad.

Two ways to do an internship

  1. LUSEM Career Services co-operates with our partner companies to provide a selection of qualified and pre-approved internships each year, both in Sweden and abroad.
  2. You may also find an internship on your own. This requires some extra work on your behalf since it needs to be approved by the School.

More about the two alternatives

Alternative 1: Apply for a pre-approved internship

LUSEM Career Services co-operates with our partner companies to provide a selection of qualified and pre-approved internships each year, both in Sweden and abroad.

Our internships are published in the career portal MyCareer under the names “LUSEM Internships” or “Ekonomihögskolans internships” if they are in Swedish. Apply for the internships according to the instructions in the internship ad.

Go to the career portal

LUSEM Career Services will assist you with the administrative process with the internship courses for you. 

Please note that all qualified applicants will be sent to the internship companies and they choose who to meet with for interviews. What criteria they are looking for can be found in the internship ads.

If you are selected, you need to have completed a minimum of 85 credits before the internship starts (during semester four) to be allowed to do the internship as part of your studies and get university credits for it.

Alternative 2: Find an internship on your own

In order to get university credits for your internship, you need both an internship and a spot in an internship course. In order to apply to an internship course, you first need to have an internship.

  1. Find an internship and apply for it.
  2. If you receive an internship offer: Apply for your internship course (i.e. for BSc International Business or BSc Economy and Society)
  3. The internship must be approved by the course director in order for you to receive academic credits for your internship.
  4. After you have finished the internship you hand in the paper that is required to pass the internship course.

Application process for BSc International Business

To be eligible to apply for the internship course you need to:

  • be an active student registered on the Bachelor's programme in International Business

Internship course for BSc International Business

Within the bachelor programme in International Business you can include the internship courses IBUH01 (15 credits) and IBUH03 (30 credits) as part of your studies. If you aim for an internship for 15 credits during semester five, ensure that you also have a plan for the remaining 15 credits of the semester.

The credits from the internship course (15 or 30 ECTS) can be included in your degree.

Read more about the internship course IBUH01 in Live@Lund

Read more about the internship course IBUH03 in Live@Lund)

When can I do an internship?

You may do an internship during the following periods:

  • during the summer between semester four and five
  • during semester five
  • during the summer between semester five and six
  • after your sixth and final semester (as long as you do not apply for your degree certificate)

When do I apply for pre-approved internships?

The application round is open February–April. This means that you need to apply the semester before the internship period starts, for example during your fourth semester in order to do an internship in your fifth semester.

All pre-approved internship opportunities will be announced during this application round.

More information

Am I required to pay tuition fees for the internship course?

If you are a non-fee-paying student, you do not need to pay any tuition fees.

If you are a student from outside the EU/EEA who is required to pay tuition fees, you will pay tuition fee to Lund University as planned.

What about additional costs?

Additional costs related to insurance, visa, travel and housing can occur depending on the country where you do your internship.

Are there any scholarships and grants?

Some scholarships and grants are available to students. For more information please visit Lund University's international website.

Traineeship abroad via Erasmus

Crafoord Foundation travel grant

If you are accepted to one of our internship courses, Swedish citizens may also apply for student grants and loans from CSN.

Read more about CSN student grants and loans

Important information for non-EU/EAA students

If you have a Swedish residence permit and plan to do an internship outside of Sweden, you must contact Lund University’s migration expert Louise Corrigan before you leave the country, to make sure that you are on top of the situation.

Louise Corrigan, International Coordinator
Lund University, Division of External Relations, International Marketing and Recruitment

Visiting address: Stora Algatan 4


For questions about internships you are welcome to contact us at LUSEM Career Services:
+46 46 222 32 04
+46 46 222 78 09

You may also visit us in EC1:133.

More information about Career Services

Information about internships on our Swedish website

Last published: 2019-03-21