Change Maker Future Track

apply by 30 april 2021

Starting in the autumn of 2021, LUSEM will open the applications to the Change Maker Future Track for talented students with a strong interest in sustainability issues and an entrepreneurial mindset.

Do you have a drive for change, combined with a strong interest in sustainability issues and an entrepreneurial mindset? We are looking for you! Image source: iStockphotos.

About the Change Maker Future Track

The programme is non-credit, running over 30 weeks and graduating students will receive a diploma. LUSEM is well known for its focus on sustainability, combined with strategic focus on developing ‘reflective practitioners’ equipped with the skill sets required for taking on globally responsible management positions. The work on sustainability and global responsibility is a substantial part of LUSEM’s ‘triple crown’ accreditation. 

Our experienced, well-renowned and popular faculty member Stein Kleppestø will run the Change Maker Future Track, which is part of the School’s Sustainable Future Hub.

Read more about Stein Kleppestø’s research

How it works

The Change Maker Future Track will be conducted online between 1 August 2021–15 March 2022, and will run in parallel with your Master’s programme. Estimated time required is one day a week on average.

During the Change Maker Future Track, you will first and foremost work in teams, accomplishing change in real-life projects together with companies and organizations – so called “challenge owners” who are facing disruptive change. You will meet inspiring people with expert knowledge and high ambitions for a more sustainable world. You will have access to sharp coaches to support your professional and personal progress, and you will gain insights and knowledge into sustainability challenges from different industries and contexts. 

During the Change Maker Future Track, we will cover the areas of knowledge, skills and mindset:

  • Knowledge: Theories and models for understanding open systems, complexity, learning and change in individuals and organizations, incremental and disruptive innovation, about large and small systems, managing complex projects, leadership and team collaboration.
  • Skills: Mapping complex systems, changing complex systems, managing complex projects, leading teams and projects and effective team collaboration.
  • Mindset: Growth mindset, collaborative mindset, innovative mindset and ethical focus.

The ideal candidate

We are looking for students with a strong interest in sustainability issues and an entrepreneurial mindset – you have a drive for change. You are ambitious and you want to boost your education and your CV with a learning experience taking you to the next level of making disruptive change that matters. You are prepared to start working before your programme starts, and are prepared for working evenings and weekends on top of your regular studies. You long for personal development and a stretch assignment that will take you outside your comfort zone. You want to develop your collaboration skills and want to test yourself in real-life projects with ambitious and driven people. 


The Change Maker Future Track is open for students who will start the following Master’s programmes in the autumn of 2021:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Innovation and Global Sustainable Development (also open for students who will start year two of the programme in the autumn)
  • International Marketing and Brand Management
  • International Strategic Management
  • Management
  • Managing People, Knowledge and Change

Application deadline is 30 April 2021.

Apply here!

In the application form, you’ll be asked to provide a link to your LinkedIn-profile or attach your CV (no specific format required) in an email to Write "CV Change Maker Future Track" in the subject line. 

You’ll also be asked to answer the question ”Tell us what you aspire to achieve by joining the Change Maker Future Track”.

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After the application deadline, all applicants will be asked to carry out an assignment, in which you will be asked to describe the challenges of creating a more sustainable world, and how you would work to overcome these challenges.

Based on the outcomes, a selected number of students will be invited to a case competition that will run during the summer. The final selection of students that will be offered a seat on the Change Maker Future Track, will be based on the outcome of the case competition. All activities above, will of course be carried out online.


Martina Oxling 
Project manager
Phone: +46 70 914 88 68

Martina Oxling

Thank you!

The Change Maker Future Track is partly funded by an endowment from rom Sparbanksstiftelsen Finn owner of Sparbanken Skåne.

Last published: 2021-04-26