LUSEM Learning Hub

a modern study environment

LUSEM Learning Hub is a new study environment located 100 metres from the Holger Crafoord Centre (EC1, EC2 and EC3).

LUSEM Learning Hub is a modern study environment with 360 study places (both individual study places and group rooms).

LUSEM Learning Hub is located at Scheelevägen 15, around 100 metres from the Holger Crafoord Centre.

Directions from The Holger Crafoord Centre:

  • Go towards Ideon Agora (located in Alfa 3–6).
  • Walk until you reach Restaurang Kryddhyllan. Just before the restaurant, you turn to the right following the sign ‘’Alfatorget’
  • The entrance is to the right, when you have reached Alfatorget (the Atrium in the Alfa 5 building).

The library opens 24 February!

After more than 30 years at the Holger Crafoord Centre, EC1, the library moves to new premises at Ideon. Together with the new study environment, Lundaekonomerna student union and other employees at LUSEM, the library will be a part of LUSEM Learning Hub.

The library at EC1 closes on the 3 February and the new library at LUSEM Learning Hub opens on the 24 February. Borrow the books you need before the library closes.

Last published: 2020-01-20