Master’s programme in International Strategic Management

MSc in Business and Economics, major in Business Administration | 1 year | 60 credits

The MSc in International Strategic Management is a one-year programme for bachelors in business administration, interested in how to analyse, formulate and implement strategies and in becoming a senior organisational leader.

Business is increasingly faced with challenges that threaten current business models, but also represent huge opportunities. This programme provides you with the knowledge and skills on how to recognise these challenges and act upon them to ensure long-term success. You will learn how to make decisions that can make or break your company, but also how to implement them.

We offer the latest insights into managerial strategy through a variety of small-scale teaching methods, ensuring an exciting and challenging learning experience. We emphasise both sophisticated scientific insights and linkages with business practice. The MSc in International Strategic Management combines state-of-the-art research with strong links to practice through industry projects in which scientific tools is applied to solve real company issues. The programme also offers the opportunity to combine the Master's thesis with a company assignment.

Give your career a flying start with the latest thinking in comparative international strategic management and put your learning into practice with our unique action-learning approach. You will graduate with a thorough understanding of strategic thinking and the key skills of international business consulting.

The MSc in International Strategic Management requires a bachelor's degree with a minimum of 60 ECTS credits in business administration. If you are interested in a management career, but lack the background in business administration or management, have a look at our MSc in Management instead.

I’m ambitious, and the MSc in International Strategic Management was the perfect match! The programme provided me with a wide range of knowledge on the entire strategic decision-making process. Today, I’m well equipped with knowledge on how to drive and grow businesses in a sustainable manner and on dynamic and high-paced technological markets. These markets are global and more often than not, politically unstable. Today, I can’t wait to start out my career as a strategy consultant at Monitor Deloitte in Amsterdam. I would have not managed to move my career into the direction I had dreamed to pursue without this programme. Now, the case-work studies, state-of-the art theories on strategic management and the multicultural education from the School of Economics and Management will be put to the test – I can’t wait to make a difference!

Leonie Mentrup (Germany)

Double degree option with Deakin University

Students enrolled in this programme will have an opportunity to compete for acceptance to a double degree with Deakin University at their Melbourne campus. After completing the Master’s in International Strategic Management (60 credits), you can take a third semester (30 credits of course work) at Deakin University. You do not need to write another thesis. 

After the completion of the Master's in International Strategic Management at Lund University and the completion of the courses at Deakin University, students will receive a Master's degree certificate in Business and Economics with a major in Business Administration from Lund University and a Master of Commerce from Deakin University.