Live@Lund Student Portal

Live@Lund is a web based study portal for students at the School. The portal act as a hub for all students and teachers, a place where you can communicate, discuss and receive notifications about changes and news.

As a student you access a magnitude of services via Live@Lund, where you have access to all your registered courses and programmes. You will find course material, course guides, news and other material that are related to your courses and/or programme, and teachers will be able to reach you with messages, news and updates.

You also have the option to personalise certain parts of the portal after your own desires. For instance, you can receive news, messages or discussion board comments via e-mail or RSS feeds. All this and more you will experience via Live@Lund.

Log on to Live@Lund with your student account via

Contact and support

If you cannot log in, or if you experience other technical issues, please contact the Live@Lund Office.

The phone support is open
Monday-Friday 13-14.30.

Phone: +46 46 222 3410

Help and guides

At the top of your start page in Live@Lund you will find user manuals on how to navigate the portal under the headline "Help".