Computer and printing facilities

Computers at LUSEM

Students have access to computers with network access, software for word processing, spreadsheets and slideshows, pdf converters and other necessary software relating to classes and courses.

The computer rooms are situated in the Alfa1 building and they are open during office hours. 24-hour access requires an access card. Find out more about how to get the access card.

When you log in for the first time, an individual account is created, linked with a storage area where you save your work and access the next time you log in to the system.

There are many places at Lund University where you can print, copy and scan documents.

Where do I find the printers at LUSEM?

  • The School of Economics and Management Library in EC1
  • Room EC2:017 (computer labs)
  • Student computer rooms 0057 och 0058 and the self study area 0023 at Alfa1.

Getting started with your printing account

There are two payment methods for copying and printing at Lund University.

1. Connect a Visa/Master card to your printing account

  1. Log in with your student account to the PaperCut portal 
  2. Select Visa/Master card
  3. Enter your card details
  4. Authenticate with BankID, bank card reader or password (depends on your bank)

When you print, money will be automatically drawn from your account. The first time you connect your Visa/Master card, 1 SEK will be drawn (that you can use for printing).

2. Buy and register a top-up prepaid card

  1. Buy a top-up prepaid card in the campus store
  2. Log in with your student account to the PaperCut portal and select "Redeem card" in the menu
  3. Type the code on your top-up card (including hyphen)
  4. Click "Redeem Card"

You can buy a top-up prepaid card in the campus store, and at the LUSEM Library.

How much does it cost to print, copy and scan?

There is a fee for printing and copying. However, scanning is free of charge.

  Printing Copying
B/W A4 simplex SEK 0,50 SEK 0,50
B/W A4 duplex SEK 0,90 SEK 1,00
Colour A4 simplex SEK 1,00 SEK 1,00
Colour A4 duplex SEK 1,80 SEK 2,00
B/W A3 simplex SEK 1,00 SEK 1,00
B/W A3 duplex SEK 1,80 SEK 2,00
Colour A3 simplex SEK 2,00 SEK 2,00
Colour A3 duplex SEK 3,60 SEK 4,00

Student Account Service

The Lund University Student Account Service provides help and support with: your student account, your student email account (Google Apps), wireless internet access, and other IT related support.

E-mail and student account

All students receive an electronical student account. To use the computers you must log in with your student account. The staff at the Reception Desk can help you recover your user name and password when needed.

Print from your private computer

The easiest way to print from your own computer is via the PaperCut portal, where you select "Web Print" in the menu and upload your document.

Last published: 2019-02-04