ASKS Workshop Series

workshops given by academic skills services

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Session 1: Time Management workshop - Not enough hours in the day?

Wednesday 26th September 
We all have 168 hours in each week, but some people use this time more efficiently than others. Being a full-time student requires as much time as a full-time job. How can you possibly fit all of this into your waking hours?

Session 2: Reading Skills workshop - Are you an efficient reader?

Tuesday 16th October 
Are you an efficient reader or do you try to read every word of every article and book given to you for your course? 

Session 3: Academic Vocabulary workshop – Is it affective or effective?

Tuesday 6th November 
Do you know what academic vocabulary means? Do you understand the concept of register and how it affects the language you use to convey your knowledge and ideas? 

Session 4: Referencing Skills – Who said what?

Thursday 15th November

Referencing is an essential skill in academic writing. Do you know why you have to acknowledge other people's work and how you can acknowledge their work without plagiarising?



Julienne Stewart-Sandgren
Director of Learning and Teaching
Room EC1: 316

Garo Harwood
Educational developer
Room EC1: 317