Student ambassadors

LUSEM digital ambassadors

We are looking for dedicated students from all our programmes to become part of our Unibuddy team. As a digital ambassador you:

  • Can apply to become an ambassador even if you are new to LUSEM, the important part is that you want to share your insights about studying and living in Lund in a personal, yet professional, way.
  • Help and inspire prospective students from all over the world.
  • Are comfortable being featured as a digital ambassador on the School’s channels. This could be social media, news pieces, films et cetera.

Ambassadors will mainly use an app-based platform called ‘Unibuddy’ in which you will have a profile about yourself (including your program, home country, hobbies and interests) that prospective students can read and then choose to start a conversation with you based on commonalities. These messages will then appear in the Unibuddy app on your phone (similar to WhatsApp), which you can then respond to based on your personal experiences or a little bit of research.

See all current ambassadors on the Unibuddy platform

Required Skills

  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to establish friendly/professional relationships.
  • Organized and able to manage time and tasks independently and effectively.
  • Engaging and excited to share your experiences at Lund.
  • Supportive, encouraging and non-judgmental.

Representing LUSEM on Swedish study fairs

We are looking for undergraduate students who have spent a couple of semesters in Lund, and who want to share the Lund experience with prospective students at study fairs in Lund, Malmö, Stockholm and Gothenburg. There are various different work opportunities available throughout the year so you can choose to work when it suits you. You’ll get to meet new people, have fun and increase your employability. You need to understand Swedish, and preferably speak Swedish as well.

Read more at our Swedish website

The application is closed

Contact coordinator for more information about:

  • Duties and responsibilites
  • Training and development
  • Expected time commitment
  • Benefits to ambassadors

When you are ready to apply, you fill in our form (which is linked here when the application opens).

You will also be required to attend a training session.


Amanda Knöös
Communications officer
Phone: +46 46 222 03 31
Room: EC1:316