Leave from studies

Leave from studies

There is no formal time limit on how long you can be on leave from studies, however, you should keep in mind that courses and programmes may change content and structure during the time you are on leave from studies.

Leave from studies is not allowed during the first semester of a study programme.

You are to apply for leave from studies by 15 June prior to the autumn semester or 15 December prior to the spring semester.

If you discontinue your studies in the programme without applying for leave from studies, you are only able to return to studies on the programme subject to a place being available.   

Application to return to studies

To be able to return to studies you must apply before 1 October or 1 April the semester prior to the return to studies. The application is to be made directly to your programme coordinator. If the return to studies is to the fifth semester, you must also select your courses prior to the semester. Check your programme’s syllabus to see what applies.

Non-completion of studies

If you wish to discontinue your studies on the programme entirely you are to report non-completion of studies.