Credit transfer

A student’s right to credit transfer of studies both in Sweden and abroad is regulated in the Higher Education Ordinance Chapter 6 Sections 6-8.

If you have studied courses at other higher education institutions that are equivalent to one or more of the course modules you have been admitted to, you can apply to have these credits transferred. Please note that you must have applied for, been admitted to and registered yourself on the course before you can transfer credits from your previous equivalent studies.

The type of credit transfer mentioned below is the transfer of credits from individual modules/exams/components or similar within the framework of a course or larger block of courses with several modules/exams/components. If you have completed entire courses at other higher education institutions that you would like included in your degree, the matter will be processed by the Degree Office at Lund University when you later apply for your degree certificate – regardless of whether it relates to optional or compulsory courses.

It is important you are aware that it is not possible to transfer the same credits twice for a degree. Therefore, there may be a risk of insufficient credits if you have the same courses in your degree that you have previously used to transfer credits from one course to another. Contact your study adviser if you are uncertain.

Remember that the transfer of credits may affect your right to student finance from CSN.

Preliminary assessment

If you are not registered on a course you would like to transfer credits to or if you are yet to have completed the studies you would like to transfer the credits from in the future, you are not able to apply, or receive a decision on, the transfer of credits. However, you can request a preliminary assessment. Whether you can receive a preliminary assessment or not is for the individual department to decide and it is not something you are entitled to.

A preliminary assessment is not a formal decision but only a guiding assessment, which means that it is not binding and therefore not possible to appeal.

Application for credit transfer

If you consider that you have studied a course or components of a course at another higher education institution that are equivalent to one or several modules, exams or components in the course you have been admitted to at the School of Economics and Management, you can apply to have the credits transferred. Applications for credit transfer of a module/exam/component is carried out in accordance with the instructions below.

The exam is allocated the grade TG in Ladok.


Appeals against decisions by the higher education institution on credit transfer or professional experience can be made to the Higher Education Appeals Board.

If you wish to appeal a decision, you are to write to the Higher Education Appeals Board. The appeal should be submitted or sent to:

Lund University, Box 117
221 00 LUND

Please state in the appeal, which decision is the subject of the appeal, e.g. by referring to the decision registration number and describing changes to the decision you are requesting and the circumstances that support your request.  

The appeal is to have been received by Lund University within three weeks of the day the appellant was informed of the decision.