Build a preliminary schedule

The schedules will not be available until approximately one month before the courses start. 

  1. Go to TimeEdit and choose the relevant semester. In TimeEdit you will find the courses for LUSEM. Courses at other faculties may appear in TimeEdit, but if there is no match you will have to find the schedules for these courses separately.
  2. Type the course code or part of the course name. Choose the correct course by clicking on it and it will show up under MY CRITERIA.
  3. Repeat step 2 until you have all the courses that you want to look up and then press SHOW SCHEDULE.

Download instructions as PDF

This page is under review

The pages under "Student at LUSEM" are going to be a general overview of useful information for our current students. We are currently adding information, and they have yet to be reviewed by our departments. Contact us at if you have questions about these pages.

Last published: 2020-05-19