Course literature

Reading lists

University programmes and courses often have long reading lists. These lists include information about the books you need to buy and will be readily available to you at the start of the course/programme.

The reading lists will be published on your course page in the learning platform Canvas. 

Information about Canvas

General recommendations

Don’t buy all the books on the first day. However, don’t wait too long either. Some of the books on the list are only intended as reference literature and it may therefore be sufficient to consult them in the library.

The books can be quite expensive, and add up to a few thousand kronor per semester. You can save a lot of money by buying second-hand books or borrowing them from the library.  There are usually a few copies of books on reading lists at one of the university libraries.

Books on reading lists can usually only be borrowed for 14 days from faculty libraries, so it is a good idea to plan when you want to borrow the book; at the start of the course or towards the end?

You can also reserve books if they are already on loan to someone else. Students are welcome to borrow books from any of the university libraries.

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