Canvas and other digital tools

Canvas – your educational platform

From autumn 2020, all students at the School of Economics and Management will use the educational platform Canvas.

Canvas gives you access to:

  • Programme overview
  • Course syllabus
  • Course material
  • Assignments
  • Exam information
  • Submission information and deadlines
  • Information from teachers and course administrators
  • Contact information for classmates, teachers and staff
  • Communication with your lecturers and classmates

You need a student account to be able to sign in to the Canvas platform.

Log in to Canvas

More information about Canvas

Tutorials for Canvas

Online meetings, lectures and seminars

While LUSEM plans to run all online teaching with as much flexibility as possible, all online activities, e.g. streamed video lectures, seminars and other synchronous interactions, will take place during LUSEM’s office hours 09:00–17:00 (CET), without exceptions. For live activities Zoom will be used in most cases.


Lund University offers staff and students the opportunity to use Zoom. Zoom is used at many other universities in Sweden and has proven to be reliable and easy to use. In order to get good sound, simple headsets or headphones with a microphone is recommended.

Guide in Canvas: How to download and use Zoom

Microsoft Teams

Lund University offers all staff and students access to Office365, in which Teams is included. Teams is a collaboration tool with document management and the same communication functions as Skype for Business. It can work as an alternative for digital meetings, tutoring and even lectures.

Guide in Canvas: How to use Microsoft Teams

Download Microsoft Teams

Students have access to a number of programs during their studies. Both the programs and any necessary user licenses can be downloaded from the Student Portal under 'Service'. 

Find software on the Student Portal at

If you are working from outside the University network, you need to be connected by VPN to retrieve the programme.

How to use Lund University VPN 

Technical recommendations

LUSEM’s online teaching model is based on interaction, and students will not be able to receive a passing grade unless participating with audio and camera on. Here are some technical recommendations:

  • You can participate in a digital meeting from your mobile phone or computer.
  • If you are on a computer, we recommend that you use the web browsers Firefox or Chrome.
  • Make sure that your internet connection is good and stable.
    Wifi and internet at Lund University
  • Most modern mobile phones and laptops have both built in webcams and basic speakers.
  • For better sound, we recommend using a pair of headsets or headphones with a microphone. Most modern mobile phones comes with a simple headset that will do the work.


If you forgot your password, the reception desk in EC1 can help you get a new one. Bring a photo ID. 

The reception desk

If you have problems logging in or experiencing technical problems once you are logged in, contact LU ServiceDesk.

LU ServiceDesk
+46 (0)46 222 9000

Telephone hours
Monday–Friday, 8:00–17:00

Self-service portal and operating information: