ASKS Workshop Series

This autumn, the ASKS workshop series is back with face-to-face sessions in EC1. Workshops will be offered in both English and Swedish. Sign up for all the English workshops this semester by clicking here, and sign up for all the Swedish worskhops by clicking here.

Workshops will be limited to 30 participants. If the workshop is full, please contact us to be put on the waiting list, and we will contact you if spaces become available.

In case of very high demand for a particular workshop, we may be able to offer another session on the same theme, and those who were unable to secure a place in the first round will be given priority.

Workshops in English

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Workshop 1: Critical Reading

Monday 19th September, 14.15-16.00, EC1:137

Reading at university should not be a passive process of simply accumulating information. Come to the Critical Reading workshop and find out how to become an active reader by learning how to critically evaluate academic texts.

Workshop 2: Summary Writing

Thursday 20th October, 14.15-16.00, EC1:131 

Come and learn some new techniques to help you efficiently extract key information from journal articles and book chapters in order to create an effective summary that you can use in your writing tasks.

Workshop 3: Using Sources in your Writing

Tuesday 22nd November, 14.15-16.00, EC1:131

Using evidence to support your own ideas is a vital skill in academic writing, enabling you to demonstrate the breadth of your reading and reducing the risks of plagiarism or misrepresentation. This workshop will help you to develop these essential skills.

Workshops in Swedish

Workshop 1: Studieteknik

This workshop has now been cancelled

Workshop 2: Lässtrategier

This workshop has now been cancelled

Workshop 3: Skrivstrategier

This workshop is cancelled

Wednesday 12th October, 14.15-16.00, EC1:137

I den här workshoppen får du testa några konkreta strategier för att komma igång att skriva. Vi kommer också att prata om varför man skriver och hur man kan använda skrivandet som ett verktyg för tänkande och lärande. 


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Please note

If you are unable to attend, please contact us as soon as possible.

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To arrange workshops for specific needs and groups, please contact Academic Skills Services.

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Last published: 2022-10-11