Quality assurance in research education

The doctoral programmes at LUSEM are regularly evaluated and developed so that the quality of the programmes can be maintained. Peer review is a crucial part of this quality assurance process, and an external peer review committee is appointed for every evaluation.

The quality assurance process

The process starts with a self-evaluation made by the department responsible for the doctoral programme. This self-evaluation is summarized in a self-assessment report. The doctoral student union gets the opportunity to submit a special report to the peer-review committee. Based on the self-assessment report, the doctoral student union’s report, and interviews with representatives from the department management, supervisors and doctoral students, the task of the peer-review committee is to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the programme and make recommendations.

More information can be found in the document below.

Quality assurance evaluations at LUSEM

Evaluation of the PhD programme in Economic History 2019

Evaluation of the PhD programme in Business Law 2020

Evaluation of the PhD programme in Informatics 2020

Evaluation of the PhD programme in Statistics 2020

Last published: 2022-01-28