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A warm welcome to Lund University and the School of Economics and Management! These pages are a collection of information that will be useful for you when you are preparing for your Bachelor’s studies.

You have been selected as one of the admitted students, among a large group of highly qualified applicants, to the BSc in International Business 2020–2023. We would like to remind you of the next steps you need to take in order for a successful start to your studies.

Further practical information will be provided upon your arrival, both in the welcome package that you will receive on Arrival Day and at the general information meeting.

Your contact person before, during and after your studies is your programme coordinator.

Arrangements for the autumn semester

Lund University School of Economics and Management (LUSEM) hopes that the autumn semester 2020 will be conducted as regular campus-based teaching, including classroom-based teaching as well as offering students the opportunity to go on exchanges etc. At present no one can guarantee that this will be possible. LUSEM is closely monitoring the situation and follows the advice of national governmental agencies.

LUSEM is preparing to deliver all degree programmes online during the autumn of 2020 if admitted students cannot travel to Lund. Hence, admitted BSc or MSc students that accept a study seat at LUSEM will be able to carry out their studies online if the global situation regarding Covid-19 demands this.

The decision regarding regular campus-based education vs. online education will be made in mid-June. In the meanwhile, continue to arrange for studies in Sweden, including residence permit (if applicable), funding and housing.

Before you arrive –

FAQ for newly admitted degree students

This FAQ will be updated regularly throughout spring and summer 2020. Due to new regulations and directives from the Swedish Government, and new decisions taken regularly at the University, many questions cannot be answered at this time and some answers will change before the start of the semester. Please check back regularly for updates!

FAQ for newly admitted Lund University degree students

Chat with current students

Please keep in touch with current students when preparing for your studies in Lund. They are happy to share their insights and knowledge to give you the best start in Lund.

Chat with our students

Key dates

30 April – last day to accept your offer

In order to keep your place in the programme, you must actively reply to the admission offer directly to Lund University by the specified deadline and according to the instructions provided by Lund University in your Notification of Selection Results. If you do not actively accept your admission offer to Lund University by the deadline, you lose your place of study and it will be given to another student.

20 May – Last day to sign-up for Swedish course and/or IB Mentor Programme

Would you like to sign-up for an introduction course in Swedish, or join a mentor group? Sign-up by 20 May!

Sign-up here!

About the introduction course in Swedish
During the first Arrival week, you will have the opportunity to take an introduction course in Swedish. The course is offered for free to all programme students who wish to get some basic skills in Swedish. You will not receive any credits for the course and there is no exam. More information about the course will be sent out to the participants in June.

About the IB Mentor Programme
You have the opportunity to join a mentor group that will consist of new programme students and older students from the programme. Mentees will be assigned to a mentor group at the end of May and will have contact with their mentors during the first semester. Your mentors will be able to answer general questions about the programme and what it is like to be a student in Lund.

9 August — Last day to complete the Enrolment Form

Your programme coordinator will ask you to complete an Enrolment Form in June. The purpose of the Enrolment Form is:

  • to have contact details for a person in case of an emergency while you are studying here at Lund University.
  • to collect statistics about the class profile; percentage of males/females, age range and nationalities. This class profile is shown on the overview of each programme presentation.

18 August – Arrival day for international students (if applicable)

The official start of the autumn semester is Monday 31 August. There will be no mandatory assignments before this date; however, international students are encouraged to arrive in Lund by the official Arrival Day on 18 August. On this date, you will have the opportunity to take part in both general information sessions about studies at Lund University, as well as social activities.

Note that there will be no arrival arrangements or pick-up services on any other day. 

Read more at Lund University's international website

20–27 August (preliminary) – Mandatory web registration

Lund University uses web registration, which means that you register for the programme in the Lund University Student Portal.

You must register within the time frame to keep your place on the programme.

More information and instructions about the web registration will be provided in the beginning of August by the programme coordinator.

Late August – The student union's Novice Week

The Novice Week is organised by the student union Lundaekonomerna, and is an intensive week with a great variety of activites, all of them focusing on you getting to know as many of your new class mates as possible. More than 350 new students participate in the week, where you will be divided into groups of approximately 20 people each. There are experienced students acting as mentors (faddrar) during the week, and they will show you all the best sides of the ”Lunda-life”.

Read more about the Novice Committee at

31 August – programme start

The schedule for the courses is yet to be set; however, it will be forwarded to all admitted students as soon as it is confirmed. Your programme is full-time and your expected workload will be 40 hours or more per week (including reading, lectures, assignments and group work).

Have a look at the academic calendar for more information about semester dates and public holidays. Note that the autumn semester at LUSEM starts on Monday 31 August. The spring semester ends on 6 June 2021.

Academic calendar

We wish all of you a wonderful summer and hope to see you in August!

Contact us

Igor Plicanic
Programme coordinator
+46 46 222 15 61

Martin Blom
Programme director
+46 46 222 96 21

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International Business Lund 2020–2023

Read the pre-arrival guide thoroughly!

All students admitted to Lund University are sent a pre-arrival guide before the start of the semester. These guides provide detailed information to help you prepare for your stay in Lund and the answers to most of the questions we receive from students.

Read more at Lund University's international website

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Last published: 2020-05-18