Master’s in Economic Development and Growth

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid | University of Groningen | Lund University | 2 years | 120 ECTS credits

MEDEG Research Thesis Excellence Student Paper Series

The MEDEG students are offered the opportunity to write two individual student thesis during their programme. The first year ends with a thesis worth 12 ECTS credits (in Madrid) or 20 ECTS (in Groningen). Thesis are supervised individually by highly competent academic staff in the Departments. The second year in finalized with all MEDEG students writing a Master’s thesis worth 15 ECTS credits.

We have selected the best thesis from the first years in Groningen and Madrid to be published in our Research Thesis Excellence Student paper series. From the second year in Lund we have selected the theses nominated to or awarded the Prize for Best Master’s Thesis of the year at the Department of Economic History in Lund.