Master’s in Economic Development and Growth

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid | University of Groningen | Lund University | 2 years | 120 ECTS credits

How to apply

Application and admission is administrated by Universidad Carlos III Madrid and University of Groningen respectively depending on where you want to study your first year. To increase your chance of admission, you are welcome to apply to both universities.

Students admitted to the Master’s in Economic Development and Growth in either Madrid or Groningen who complete the first year and are selected for the second year, will automatically be admitted to Lund.

For detailed information about requirements and application, please visit:

Key dates and deadlines Madrid

  • Application deadline: 31 January 2019
  • Admitted students will have to confirm acceptance no later than 27 February 2019 (first notification) or 27 March 2019 (second notification).

Key dates and deadlines Groningen

  • Application deadline: 1 May 2019
  • Admitted students will have to confirm acceptance no later than 30 August 2019.


The selection process will be based on the Bachelor Degree and study record, motivation letter, language skills, quality of home university, and a few other criteria. The committee will take all criteria into account in order to rank the applicants according to their merits.


Admitted, reserve and rejected students will be notified by 16 February 2019 by e-mail. In the notification letter you will find detailed information about the selection process to allow understanding and transparency of the process. Admitted students will have to confirm acceptance no later than 27 February 2019.

Rejected and reserve students have the right to object to the Committee’s decision and ask for a revision of your application. For that purpose you will have to appeal to the Selection Committee, explain your objections to the scores received and highlight the merits (academic, professional, other) that in your opinion qualify your application for a revision. The Selection Committee will notify its decision to either confirm or revise the appealing student’s scores and rank within 15 days from the appeal’s submission.