Master’s programme in Managing People, Knowledge and Change

MSc in Business and Economics, major in Business Administration | 1 year | 60 credits

Career opportunities

The Master’s programme in Managing People, Knowledge and Change enables you to pursue a career in a variety of fields such as general management, strategy, human resources, sustainability, marketing, project and change management as well as consultancy.

The programme provides knowledge and experiences that will prepare you for future management positions in a broad range of industries and organisations such as banking, finance, consulting, health and beauty, retailing and consumer products companies as well as in entrepreneurial endeavours and start-ups all over the world. Some common organizations that you will find graduates of the programme working in are Accenture, PwC, Earnest & Young, Nordea, IKEA, Cap Gemini, L’Oréal, Deloitte and Handelsbanken.

Connect with alumni

Our alumni ambassadors are former students who are happy to share insights and stories from their career, as well as their transition from student life to work life.