Master's programme in Economics

MSc in Business and Economics, major in Economics | 2 years | 120 credits

Career opportunities

Our Master in Economics will qualify you for advanced positions within the private and public sectors. Graduates find employment in the financial sector such as commercial banks, insurance companies, and stock exchanges, in government authorities and public institutions, in the health sector, in large companies and private research centres.

Economist are in constant demand in many international institutions, for example the UN, ILO, EU, ECB, OECD, IMF, the World Bank and various aid agencies such as SIDA.

The programme also provides excellent prep­aration for PhD studies.

The next step

Our Career Services support you in building functioning networks, developing your resume, finding and getting a job, as well as starting your own company during your stay. In addition, each semester we hold seminars on career related topics and assist you in networking with our alumni.

As a student you can also join the Lund University job portal MyCareer - Europe's largest career network for students and graduates. MyCareer gives access to jobs, internships, graduate programmes and projects across Europe.