Bachelor's programme in International Business

BSc in International Business | 3 years | 180 credits

Bachelor's programme in International Business

Do you want to learn business in English, prepare yourself for an international career, and major in international business strategy? This is the programme for you!

A young woman attending LINC Womens Business Conference. Photographer: Kennet Ruona

Starting in the autumn of 2017, Lund University School of Economics and Management will offer a three year (180 ECTS credits) BSc in International Business. The programme is taught in English and aimed at recent high school graduates with a strong academic background, international career ambitions, and the drive to gain knowledge and skills in the international business field.

The BSc in International Business offers:

  • A vast, yet focused curriculum in business, economics, statistics, business law and information systems
  • International perspectives from faculty members and students
  • Team-based projects enhancing cross-cultural learning
  • Opportunities of internships in companies and/or exchange studies at one of our partner universities abroad
  • Study and career advice

The overall purpose of the programme is to prepare you for a career in international business. You will train in advanced problem solving in an international context, and learn theoretical concepts, models, and tools derived from relevant research. This will throughout the programme be related to real and complex business problems.

The programme has an international focus, is combining courses in business administration with courses in economics, economic history, statistics, informatics and business law.

Programme structure

The programme starts by introducing you to basic concepts and theories within central areas of the programme, including general skills such as for example working in teams, academic writing, and oral presentations.

The courses that follow after the first semester add additional perspectives and models that provide further, in depth insights into the practical and theoretical areas that are related to the broad field of international business.

As a final part of the programme, you will conduct your own research project and demonstrate your ability to independently apply the different ideas and theories introduced by the different courses. During the final semester, you will, in a small team write your degree project and also carry out a “Learning Objective Assessment” in order to repeat vital knowledge and skills of the programme and reflect upon your learning and personal development.

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A continued internationalisation of business life demands a solid understanding of cross border, cross-cultural international business, trade, law, and economics. This programme will enable you to compete in the international business labour market as well as add value to domestic firms/employers with international relationships.

After graduation you will be well equipped for junior management positions at large international companies, government institutions or other organizations. Functional areas can include export, import, finance, controlling, business development, sales, marketing and customer care for example.

Opportunities for further studies

When you have received your Bachelor's degree in International Business at Lund University School of Economics and Management (LUSEM), you will meet the entry requirements to the following Master’s programmes:

To meet the entry requirements to the MSc in Accounting and Finance, please check the admission requirements carefully and plan your education accordingly:

  • At least 15 credits must be completed in the subject of specialisation you wish to choose in the MSc in Accounting and Finance. It is possible for you to do this during the fitfh semester of the BSc in International Business or take courses outside of the programme.
  • Write your degree project in the subject of specialisation you wish to choose in the MSc in Accounting and Finance. This is done, preferably, during the sixth semester in the BSc in International Business. Your degree project should be mentioned in your application in the Statement of Purpose.

If you wish to apply for a Master’s programme outside of LUSEM, we recommend that you read through the relevant entry requirements carefully, since every university has their own standard of entry requirements.

Quick facts

Programme start: Autumn semester 2017
Arrival Day: mid-August 2017
Duration: 3 years, full time
Tuition fees: SEK 100.000 (approx. €10.470) per year
EU/EAA citizens are not required to pay tuition fees.
Scholarships: available