The School of Economics and Management offers a wide range of courses in English for exchange students.

Courses at the School of Economics and Management

Most course seats are on undergraduate/bachelor (UG) level. Admittance to graduate (G) level courses is limited to graduate level students as per agreement with partners, and prerequisites have to be fulfilled. Seat availability cannot be guaranteed.

A full semester workload for all students is 30 credits per semester. In order to maintain a full-time status for Residence Permit holders, you must be admitted to 30 credits per semester.

At the school, we have four different course levels with prerequisites as stated in the course list:

  • A - Introductory, undergraduate
  • B - Intermediate, undergraduate
  • C - Specialization, undergraduate
  • D - Advanced, graduate

Courses on the B-level, have pre-requisites of courses from the A-level in the same subject area, and courses on the C-level, have courses from the B-level as pre-requisites.

B/C-level means that the courses can be taken with less pre-requisites than a C-level course, but are specialized as the C-level courses.

In order to specialize in a specific subject area, a regular degree student in Sweden will need to take 30 ECTS in that specific subject area on each level, for example 30 ECTS credits A-level business administration, then 30 ECTS credits B-level business administration, and finally, to major in the subject area of business administration, 30 ECTS credits of the specialization C-level courses in business administration (usually consists of 15 ECTS of course work and 15 ECTS of a Bachelor Degree project).

Courses on the C-level as listed in our course list are taken with Swedish students with 60 ECTS credits background in that specific subject area who are doing their last year of specialization courses before graduating.


Subject-wise prerequisites must be met for each course.

*Business/Business areas cover strategy, organisation/mngt, finance, accounting, marketing, entrepreneurship.

**Business related subjects cover business, economics, information systems, business law, statistics, economic history.

Course descriptions

Courses in Business Administration

Courses in Economics

Courses in Informatics

Courses in Economic History

Courses in Statistics

Please note that not all courses offered in English at the school are open to exchange students, only the ones you can find in the Course List .

Study Period

Undergraduate level (UG) courses in Period 2 usually end with exams before Christmas. No graduate level (G) courses offered in Period 4 of the Spring semester, we therefore recommend graduate level students to only come in the autumn semester, or to be flexible and be able to transfer undergraduate level courses back into their programme.

Autumn:                              Spring:

Period 1: Sep-Oct               Period 3: Jan-Mar

Period 2: Nov-Jan               Period 4: Apr-Jun


You can apply for any of SAS-courses in English at Lund University and combine them with your courses at the School of Economics and Management.

To some of the SAS-courses outside the school you are admitted according to a first come, first served principle, so if you are interested in applying to any of these courses, you are recommended to submit your application as soon as the on-line application opens: SAS-courses

Swedish language courses for exchange students

As an added value to the student exchange programme and to awake an interest in the language and culture of the host country and as well as to facilitate communication, Lund University offers Swedish Language courses to exchange students.

About 50 % of the incoming exchange students who apply to these courses will be fortunate to obtain a place. Unfortunately there are no economic resources to offer a place to every student who wish to learn Swedish. These courses are normally outside the scope of the exchange agreements, which means that exchange students cannot demand a place in these courses.

More info: Swedish language courses for exchange students

More courses at Lund University

You can apply for any of the courses in English at Lund University and combine them with your courses at the School of Economics and Management. Application for courses outside the School os Economics and Management is subject to availability and course requirements. Application for courses shall be made online.

More info:  Courses at other faculties