Waste and resource management stipend to LUSEM student

Published: 2022-04-12

Every year, Sysav awards scholarships of up to SEK 50,000 for essays on waste and resource management. The scholarships are given for the essay or degree projects that are considered the most meritorious and relevant for Swedish waste and resource management. We are happy to announce that the Sustainable Future Hub student network alumni Alejandro Aristi will receive the stipend in 2022. We spoke to him about the stipend, moving to Sweden and his hopes for the future.

Sysavstipendiet 2022 to Alejandro Aristi

Congratulations on the stipend, how does it feel?

Thank you, I'm thrilled! Sweden is spearheading the transformation to a more circular and sustainable world, so it's great to have my work recognized by such a forward-looking institution. 


What did you study at LUSEM?

I did a Master in Innovation & Global Sustainable Development.


How was the process to apply for the money?

It was pretty straightforward: I sent an email with the thesis document, a one-page summary, and a document explaining why the research and results were relevant for Sysav. After a few weeks, I received an email from them with the good news.


How did you hear about the Sustainable Future Hub network?

I think it was through social media during the first recruitment process in September/October 2019. Martina (Oxling, the project manager for Sustainable Future Hub at LUSEM) was still setting everything up and I was part of the first cohort of students in the network. 


What did you gain from being in the hub network?

In addition to the amazing people I met, it gave me a broader perspective of the innovation and sustainability ecosystem in and around Lund. The talks and workshops we organized were very interesting and fun. I recommend any student at Lund University interested in the areas of sustainability and innovation to join.

I have kept in touch with a couple of members from the network, and I also wouldn't have even realized this opportunity for the stipend existed if it weren't for the application link Martina shared on a Sustainable Future Hub social media group.


What do you foresee in your future in 3 years? 10 years?

I have been working as a sustainability consultant in Gothenburg for a few months and now I am looking for new opportunities to continue learning and to help companies embrace sustainability as a whole. Working with development organisations and NGOs is also a path I will follow. I am looking forward to participating and seeing all the interesting solutions and innovations that will shape the course of humanity in the coming years.

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Alejandro Aristis thesis is named Circular Economy in a Plastic World: How can emerging technologies enable the transition?
Read the thesis here (lup.lub.lu.se)
Visit Alejandros Linkedin page (linkedin.com)


Sustainable Future Hub is a collaboration hub for students, researchers and external actors focusing on economic and social sustainability.
Read more here (lusem.lu.se)


The Master’s Programme in Innovation and Global Sustainable Development enables you to pursue careers both at national and international institutions working on economic development and innovation
Read more here (lusem.lu.se)


Sysav recycles and treats waste from households and industries in southern Skåne. The company is owned by 14 municipalities with a joint population of slightly more than 710,000, and Sysav is commissioned to manage the household waste in all owner municipalities.
Read more here (sysav.se)


Martina Oxling, project manager for the Sustainable Future Hub