Top internship in finance goes annually to Cambridge, Oxford – and Lund

Published: 2018-05-29

Fidelity Investments handles financial services all over the world and is on many finance students' wish list of future employers. Active members of Lund University Finance Society (LINC), have for several years in a row secured at place at the company’s popular summer internship in London.

Pictured: Sebastian Lindeborg and Eric Stussare

Sebastian Lindeborg is studying Ekonomie kandidatprogrammet (Bachelor's in Business and Economy) and is going to do his internship at Fidelity this summer. Early on, he got in contact with a former LINC member, who is currently working on Fidelity, for help with his application for another position at another company.  

"Without knowing me, he helped me to proofread my application. He called me from Brazil, and had not only looked at my application, but had also read one of my analyzes and gave me detailed feedback and other tips. His goodwill and knowledge made me strive for the Fidelity internship," says Sebastian.

What does the application process look like?

"Fidelity Investments has been one of LINC's main sponsors for years, and I regularly attend the society's events, such as the London Banking Tour and the Investment Banking Forum. But other than that there are no special agreements between Fidelity and LINC. The process is thus the standardized as Fidelity offers all other applicants, regardless of university or residence," says Sebastian.

Eric Stussare is also studying Ekonomie kandidatprogrammet and was an intern at Fidelity in London last summer. He came to Lund because of the reputation of the education, but also the student life in general – and LINC in particular.

"Through LINC's many events I have been able to network. Had I not met representatives from, for example, Fidelity and ABG Sundal Collier through LINC, I'm pretty sure I had not even been interviewed at any of the companies since the competitiveness is so fierce," says Eric.

Why did you choose to apply for the internship at Fidelity, Eric?

"One of the first books I read on the topic of finance was 'One Up On Wall Street' by Peter Lynch. He was a fund manager at Fidelity, and is seen as one of the world's most reputable investors. That's why it was very motivating for me when I came into contact with a LINC member who had just done an internship at Fidelity, and would soon start working there. Since that day, I had the goal of doing everything I could to get an internship there."

Eric, what has the experience given you?

"Incredibly much. During an internship at Fidelity you get a lot of responsibility, even though you are only an intern. During my first week, I oversaw three companies who was already at Fidelity, or was viewed as a potential investment. My responsibility during the summer was to analyze these companies, and present to our fund managers whether I thought they would buy or sell shares in the companies," says Eric.

Back to Sebastian and his summer plans – the internship at Fidelity.

Sebastian, how does it feel to be chosen?

"I am of course very excited! I look forward to getting acquainted with the knowledge and experience found at Fidelity. The internship is only ten weeks, so I will have to focus on my development and to learn as much as possible. After that, I am going back to Lund to study the Master's in Accounting and Finance here at the School of Economics and Management. I will hopefully continue to engage myself in LINC, and stay connected with the society's committed and enthusiastic members," concludes Sebastian Lindeborg.

About LINC

"When alumni, education and events are combined and done in a qualitative manner, LINC can compete with ‘Oxbridge’ (which is a combination of Britain's most well-known universities – Oxford and Cambridge) and other leading financial schools worldwide. For us, exchanges like this strengthen LINC's credibility and reputation."

– Thea Nyrell, Vice President, Lund University Finance Society (LINC).

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