The secret to the career days is this new app

Published: 2018-02-21

The eeeDays is an annual event at Lund University School of Economics and Management held by the student union LundaEkonomerna. It’s also the largest career fair for business administration, economics and IT students in the Nordic region. This year, a new app is launched.

Felix Eriksson, marketing coordinator, eee2018

Hi Felix!

You are marketing coordinator for this year’s eee-days. Tell us more about the new app!

The eeeApp is a new concept this year which enables the user to get a more detailed view of eee2018. Not only do we believe this a better way to reach the students, but it's a more sustainable approach opposed of providing large quantities of printed material.

Some of the features in the app are lecture registration, a company catalogue with filters for exhibition days, industry, what they offer and location on the fair. The app also displays a detailed view of our events and schedule, FAQ and push notifications for instant updates during the fair.

What do you look forward to the most during eee2018?

I’m really excited to see the response from all the students and how they react to the app. This year we also have access to touch screens that mirror the app in the entrances of the school which I believe will bring a more modern and digital aspect to the fair. And I look of course forward to the grand finale – the banquet Pytten!

What do you do when you not launch new apps?

I study my third semester at Ekonomie kandidatprogrammet (Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics). As the marketing coordinator of eee2018, I’m also in charge of the graphic profile of the fair, our website and our social media together with the communications coordinator Janneke Varenkamp. This experience has really been an amazing learning process for me, and a great way to get in touch with future employers. Digitalization is a big interest of mine and I hope to work in this field in the future.


Felix Eriksson
Marketing Coordinator

+46-765 60 24 75

Download the app

The eeeApp is available at App Store or Google Play