Strategic thinking, can we learn it?

Published: 2017-05-03

”Maybe we are living in a time where the ability to think strategically is more important than it has been for many, many years,” Stein Kleppestø said during the introduction of his lecture Creating an Exponential Mindset – the fundamentals of strategic thinking. This was the 5th seminar in LUSEM’s series of seminars called Ekonomihögskolan gör skillnad (School of Economics and Management is making a difference).

Stein Kleppestø talked about strategic thinking and our ability to do it at School of Economics and Management. 

Stein Kleppestø, experienced researcher within the strategy field, wants to find out what strategic thinking is and if it can be measured in a meaningful way. And can it be developed in organisations as well as in human beings? 

New problems

During his seminar Stein Kleppestø talked about making important decisions in an evermore complex, unfamiliar and uncertain world and that research indicates that human beings have a preference for simple and well-known answers to complex and unfamiliar problems. The psychological and cognitive aspects of strategic thinking constitute the thought process needed when making important decisions with long-term consequences in a global context.  

We can no longer to the same extent rely on the already existing solutions because the problems are fundamentally new, Stein Kleppestø claimed and continued with discussing the academic research of the subject and described three schools of strategic thinking, Game theory, Cognitive psychology and Systems thinking. From a cognitive perspective, research shows that we need to find better models and a ways of measuring the presence of strategic thinking in the human mind.  

What do we need?

What do we need then, to become better in developing our strategical thinking? Stein Kleppestø is totally convinced that we can learn how to think strategically if we only have the mindset of ”I can grow”, ”I can actually change” and ”I can question the way I think and behave because I am prepared to see the process of growing as valuable”. 

Based on the seminar the most important conclusion about strategic thinking is that we must get much better at it. And we stand a really good chance, based on the fact that we can take risks in a clever way and that we actually are able to deal with high level strategic workspaces.

The seminar is available online

About the jubilee activities

Lund University celebrates its 350 year jubilee December 2016 – January 2018. During 2017 we give our own seminar series: ”Ekonomihögskolan gör skillnad” (School of Economics and Management makes a diference), including the lecture by Stein Kleppestø.

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