Startups gain students’ expertise in new job project

Published: 2021-06-17

In a new project, LUSEM students looking for extra jobs are matched with local incubator start-ups. The result is a perfect example on a win-win situation.

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The students gain valuable work experience and the emerging companies get staff with updated knowledge and mindsets.

Patrik Persson is the CEO of Pinteg. He hired two marketing interns from LUSEM, Therese Jutendahl and Wilma Overgaard, and he says:

“This project opens up the possibility to hire talented students who perform tasks that you yourself might not be able to, or have time for. Through the students it is also possible to get new insights in, for example, models within marketing or social media, which is a huge bonus for companies.”

Patrik Persson let the students create a communication plan and set up and run social media profiles for his company. He was impressed with how both of the students could perform from the start.

”A fantastic possibility”

Therese Jutendahl is Marketing intern at Pinteg. She says:

“By working at a start-up, you learn so much. You are offered a lot of responsibility, which truly allows you to develop. The start-up environment is exciting and fast-paced and provides you with valuable experiences for life.”

LUSEM’s part in the collaboration is to provide a platform and a possibility for students and companies to find each other.

”The start-up collaboration is part of our aim to provide students with relevant work experience. Many students are a bit concerned about this; they often have work experience from for example the service sector, but they lack experience from a sector that is relevant for their future career. In that way, an extra job at a start-up can be a fantastic possibility to work and contribute for real,” says Pernilla Thellmark at the LUSEM Career Services.

”This can strengthen not only the CV of the student, but the student as a person. This we really can tell. For the start-up, this is a win-win situation. They both get help, and new perspectives and ideas.” says Alice Serenhov, student coordinator, who works with the start-up project.

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More information

The project started around a year ago. Today, four business incubators are involved: Ideon, Minc, Smile and Hetch. The project is run by LUSEM and student union Lundaekonomerna.

We are always looking for new positions within startups. Get in touch with student coordinator Alice Serenhov if you run a start-up and would like to learn more!

Learn more about the project