Sparbanksstiftelsen Finn owner of Sparbanken Skåne strengthens research group in financial economics

Published: 2023-05-24

The Board of Sparbanksstiftelsen Finn has decided to grant The Knut Wicksell Centre for Financial Studies (KWC) with SEK 6 million. The grant is requisitioned with SEK 2 million per year for three years starting in 2024.

The goal of the Knut Wicksell Centre for Financial Studies (KWC) at LUSEM is to conduct high-quality research in finance, and to engage in mutually beneficial collaboration with private and public-sector financial market actors. KWC is also aiming for promoting international research in finance, build an attractive environment for research and outreach and to support education in finance at all levels. Now this important and highly topical centre is given great opportunities to makde progress.

Congratulations Joakim Gullstrand, how will this grant help KWC and your department to develop?

"The generous contribution from Sparbanken Skåne through the owner Sparbanksstiftelsen Finn to the Department of Economics for building our Knut Wicksell Centre (KWC) will play a pivotal role in strengthening our research group in financial economics. With this support, we aim to expand and enhance our team by appointing a distinguished professor in financial economics and an assistant professor specializing in financial econometrics. These strategic additions will enable us to further capitalize on our existing investments and foster collaborations with other research groups, creating synergies that drive advancements in both research and teaching within financial economics."

The CEO of Sparbanksstiftelsen Finn, Katarina Andrén, is happy too:

"We have seen how financial crises create problems in the world. This research can give us knowledge of how to handle these problems in the future. We are happy that we have the opportunity to strengthen financial research at LUSEM."

Dean at LUSEM, Mats Benner, says that the grant will strengthen LUSEM in several areas: 

"Finance is an important area at LUSEM, and the Knut Wicksell Centre for Financial Studies its centrepiece. With the generous support of the Sparbanken Skåne through the owner Sparbanksstiftelsen Finn, we get help to further focus attention on critical areas like financial stability and household finance, and strengthen our highly ranked finance programme, our recruitment of top scholars, and our external engagement."

Who was Knut Wicksell?

Lars Jonung tells you all about Knut Wicksell (in Swedish).


Jens Forssbaeck

Associate professor in Economics, Director of KWC

Joakim Gullstrand

Professor in Economics, Head of department