New think tank aims to be a policy hub for next generation policymakers

Published: 2022-09-13

Founded in April 2022, the Global Policy Research Group (GPRG) is a Lund-based think tank focused on policy research. The project is spearheaded by three students located in Sweden and Germany, with two of them being closely connected to the School of Economics and Management.

The team behind the new think tank "Global Policy Research Group". From left to right: Marko Malling, Bahadir Sirin, Hikmet H. Güler.

In the short months since the organization was founded, it has grown to around 35 active members, produced its first set of policy papers touching on topics relevant to the Swedish elections, and received backing the Lund University’s VentureLab. The members have formed a network of academics, policy experts and industry leaders in its scientific and advisory councils.

Bahadir Sirin, who is studying the Bachelor’s in Economy and Society, is founder and president of Global Policy Research Group. We asked him a couple of questions to learn more about the new initiative. 

What is your vision for the think tank?

“We aim to be a policy hub for next generation policy-makers by bringing senior researchers, young professionals and students together. We want to offer detailed policy solutions rather than general conclusions, which sets us apart from other policy institutes.”

What is on your agenda in September?

“The Global Policy Research Group will officially kick off on the 15th of September with a launch event in AF-borgen, where we will be hosting students, experts, as well as policymakers and ambassadors from Denmark and Sweden. The keynote speaker is Assya Kavrakova, Executive Director of the Brussels-based European Citizen Action Service (ECAS). There will also be lightning talks of our four policy papers with expert commentaries.”

Are you working on assembling a Scientific Council?

“Yes, we already have eight professors from six countries. There are also professors and experts outside the Scientific Council who oversee our research. We are further actively working towards expanding our Scientific Council. Moreover, we have a Board of Advisors consisting of experts from the business and think tank worlds, who advise us on executive matters. We have also begun to establish a network of ambassadors.” 

How can I get involved with GPRG?

“We have five research programmes, which are the core of the think tank: The first is Economics, the second is the EU, the third is International Affairs and Security, the fourth is Good Governance and the fifth is Environmental Solutions. If you are interested in these topics, you are very much welcome to get involved with GPRG. We have grown to around 35 active members, and are looking for more skilled people for various positions, both in research and administrative roles. More information about this can be found on our social media channels. We have achieved a lot so far and there is much more to be excited about in the near future."

Learn more about GPRG on their website

About Global Policy Research Group (GPRG)

GPRG is a non-political, non-affiliated think tank based in Lund, Sweden, aiming to carve a unique discussion space for everyone interested in improving the quality of policymaking. The organization aims to foster the discussion and design of actionable policies, and function as a hub that brings together students, professors, experts and policy officers. GPRG’s research programmes are dedicated to the most pressing issues facing Sweden and the world. Led by researchers, five programmes are the intellectual foundation of GPRG: Economics, EU, International Affairs and Security, Good Governance and Environmental Solutions.

The GPRG Board

Bahadir Sirin, president and founder. Is currently studying electives in economics as part of the Bachelor’s in Economy and Society programme. 

Marko Malling, founding board member. Holds a BSc in Economy and Society from LUSEM and is currently pursuing a MSc in Economics at the University of Mannheim.

Hikmet H. Güler, founding board member. Holds a BA in Politics and Sociology from Freie Universität Berlin. Is currently working in the field of career development and is pursuing a Master’s in Public Administration at the University of Potsdam.