Mentor network connects students with young alumni

Published: 2020-09-10

Finding the right career path, choosing the right speciality and building a CV that mirrors your skills are not easy tasks. Add another complication: the current covid-19 pandemic, and the challenge is even bigger. With knowledge of the business world, as well as recent experience of being students themselves, young alumni are stepping in as mentors.

Young alumni up for the challenge

The aim of the new mentor network is to support students in their transition from studies to work life.

“Finding the right career path, choosing the right speciality and building a CV that mirrors your skills are not easy tasks,” according to Samuel Spjuth from the consumer goods company Procter & Gamble.

“Although I don’t have all the answers, I think at least I can guide students in the right direction,” Samuel adds.  

Online meetings but a real connection

The mentor network will run from October to May, and the concept is primarily digital. The structure of the mentor-mentee relationship is flexible, and it is up to each pair to mutually agree on when and how to meet.

“The flexibility of the concept makes it possible to have mentors from around Sweden – and further. We have mentors working in the start-up scene in Stockholm as well as at Google in Dublin. Hence, we can offer a wider range of mentors than if the network was at site only in Skåne,” project leader Alma Bergil explains.

A wish to give back

Christoffer Clarin is working at the audit and consulting company EY, and graduated from Ekonomie kandidatprogrammet in 2017. He wish he had a mentor during his studies.

“My programme was very broad, and you have a million different opportunities. I would have loved to have a mentor to discuss what I want to do and what I’m good at.”

In addition to the one-to-one contact, the mentorship is also a chance to enhance networking skills and widen perspectives through the other participants.

“As a student, you will get a good insight into the business world at an early stage and what it is like to work in different industries. Furthermore, it is a fantastic opportunity to broaden your network and get in touch with new people for both mentors and mentees,” Christoffer adds.

Clara Voss, management consultant at Influence, also remembers juggling many thoughts and feelings as graduation approached. She feels that mentoring is a great way to give back.

“Hopefully, I will be able to answer questions that are big and scary to students, but easier to break down and explain for me, since I have lived through it,” Clara rounds up.


Alma Bergil
Project leader
Alumni relations

More information

The network is initially targeted for students at Ekonomie kandidatprogrammet (Bachelor’s in Business and Economics, taught in Swedish). The future aims to have mentors from various academic backgrounds and to expand the network to other programmes.