Internships at Sony with innovation, evaluation and investment in focus

Published: 2023-01-24

During the last four years, Sony has offered internships in collaboration with Lund University School of Economic and Management (LUSEM) as a part of the partnership. A win-win opportunity, where Sony Startup Acceleration Program (SSAP) is joined every semester by new talents from LUSEM focusing on innovation and business evaluation and investment.

From left to right: Filip Milicic, Rodrigo Rios, Adrian Olsson, Anna Terziyska, Olle Landegren.

Both Rodrigo Rios, Investment Catalyst and internship mentor at SSAP and Olle Landegren, Senior Manager and internship mentor at SSAP are very pleased with this long-going collaboration where LUSEM students bring new energy and new ideas to the table.   

“It is very valuable for us. The interns come with a lot of knowledge that we don’t have. We have a task, and we know what to do but they can bring in new perspectives and new thinking,” says Olle Landegren.

This fall semester, Adrian Olsson who is studying the Bachelor’s programme in Business Administration and Economics and Filip Milicic and Anna Terziyska both from the Bachelor’s programme in International Business did internships at Sony in Lund. All three have gained a wide range of new experiences, thanks to a fun and involving internship. For example, broader connections with the Start-up industry, as well as knowledge about business analysis, models and investment strategies.

Both Adrian and Anna took on the roles of Venture Scouts. The main task of scouting for new start-ups for Sony to invest in, but also entails taking responsibility, being involved in the whole process and contributing with their own ideas and conclusions.

“What I enjoyed the most was being part of the discussions in the investment process. I was always able to say what I thought, and I felt that I could contribute and add value, even as an intern. During the investment process I also got to learn a lot about the different companies and their different stories, which was very interesting,” says Adrian Olsson.

The experience of being part of Sony, and having these roles, is something all three interns felt extremely happy about. These weeks have given them a better insight into their future careers and developed their skills and knowledge.

“It is very common to work with large amounts of data. During this internship, I learned how to compress it, take out the important keys and then make a thorough evaluation. It doesn’t matter what field you studying, it will always be a great benefit to be able to handle big amounts of data and analyse it fast,” says Anna Terziyska.

At another department at Sony, Filip Milicic did his internship in innovation and evaluation. He was working with the entire innovation process, in a team with senior innovation managers and in collaboration with other departments regarding innovations, ideas, and start-ups.

“I liked working with other departments at Sony, such as researchers and engineers, when they needed input from us regarding economic elements. When I had to explain something to someone, at the same time I gained more knowledge about another area. For instance, business models were something I had to get a grip on before explaining it, and by doing so I deepened my understanding. It was great, I really like it,” says Filip.

Filip, Adrian and Anna all agreed that they would highly recommend other students to take the opportunity of doing an internship during their studies.

“I have already recommended my friends to do an internship! The third year of your studies is, in my opinion, the perfect time to do something practical at a company and at the same time have a break from your school duties. You get a chance to be creative, use your skills and learn what and how you can improve,” says Filip.

“I agree with Philip, and definitely recommend doing an internship. I wanted to gain more practical experience and see what it’s actually like to work in the field I’m studying. When I finish my Bachelor’s degree, I want to know what I’m supposed to do further in my career, what I like to do and to test things out. The best way to do all of that is by doing an internship,” says Adrian.   

“I definitely recommend doing an internship. Even if you don’t know what you want to do, or in which sector, I would say it is always a good idea to work with innovation and evaluations. Every day, we meet different start-ups from different fields, and I think it is great to be able to see different perspectives and get the opportunity to meet different people,” says Anna Terziyska.


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