International Business – a game changer?

Published: 2018-04-27

The Bachelor's in International Business launched last year and is the newest addition to the School's programme portfolio. The programme remains the top choice for international bachelor’s students, and has the highest number of applicants for a programme fully taught in English in the national application round.

Lund University School of Economics and Management has for many years noted a great interest from international prospective students seeking a bachelor's degree, and the International Business programme is one way to further internationalize our education at the undergraduate level.

Kristina Eneroth, vice dean at the School, is well aware of the changing landscape for higher education.

“The past decades of globalization and digitalization have changed the competitive landscape with new threats, but also opportunities. We decided to launch a truly international Bachelor's programme in order to better prepare all our students for a global work market”, says Eneroth.

“We thrive on competition”, Kristina Eneroth concludes.

Number of applicants

International application round (IKHT18)
Total number of applicants: 1595
First-hand applicants: 788

National application round (HT18)
Total number of applicants: 1769
First-hand applicants: 364

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