Business and Economics highly ranked by World University Rankings

Published: 2022-11-04

THE World University Rankings compiles and publishes "World University Rankings by subject" every year. In the latest ranking, released on 25 October, LUSEM's subject is doing well: Lund University ranks best of the Swedish universities in four subjects, including Business and Economics.

Still ranked high

THE World University Rankings (often referred to as simply THE) has recently published the 2023 ranking results and it is gratifying to be able to announce that LUSEM's subject area continues to be high on this often mentioned reputable ranking, not least in the context of education. This year, Lund University ranks best of the Swedish universities in 4 subjects; Law, Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities and Business and Economics, the latter ranks 86th worldwide.

Eleven subject areas are ranked

THE annually compiles and publishes World University Rankings "by subject" and then ranks eleven overall subject areas: Arts and Humanities, Business and Economics, Clinical and Health, Computer Science, Education, Engineering, Law, Life Science, Physical Science, Psychology and Social Science. The subject ranking is in turn based on thirteen different indicators divided into five indicator groups: Research, Teaching, Citations, Industry income and International outlook. Lund University ranks highest of the SLUG universities (i.e. Stockholm University, Lund University, Uppsala University, Gothenburg University) in four of the subject areas, of which Business and Economics is one.

Within the indicator groups mentioned above, Business and Economics is the best in terms of Citations, an indicator that measures how much impact the research has within the research community.

Vice Dean: "Great!"

Martin Blom, Vice Dean with special responsibility of education at LUSEM, is happy about the latest ranking position and believes that both employees and students can feel proud.

What do you think is decisive for our subject's high ranking year after year?

"Rankings should be treated with a little bit of caution, but it is of course gratifying to be considered one of the hundred most highly regarded business schools in the world. It is also a very good rating for all our employees and students, that we are considered to be the foremost school for studying business and economics in Sweden. THE emphasizes quality in research, education and international relevance, and we probably find the answer here to why LUSEM manages to remain on the list of the top hundred business schools in the world over time."

Do you think this has an impact on prospective students and make them apply to LUSEM?

"We know that our global reputation is of the utmost importance to the students who apply to LUSEM, as well as to the international partners we work with."

Quoted in the article

Martin Blom
Vice Dean, with special responsibility of education
Associate Professor

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