Our offer to partner companies

Exposure for the company or brand

By working through the Foundation's scholarship programme, the Partner Companies become very important to the individual instructor and students. In this way the company brand will gain special attention. Nearly all instructors and researchers have enjoyed a grant from the Foundation at some time.

Each new Partner Company is introduced through an individually designed programme. This includes a name plaque in the atrium, direct links on various websites, special exposure at the Career Centre and opportunities for exposure in our CV database. The more active the participation, the greater the exposure becomes.

Active participation

The Lund University School of Economics and Management offers the representatives of the Partner Companies the opportunity of attending seminars, serving as guest lecturers, jury members, mentorships, collaboration in papers and more. These direct contacts with the academia is much appreciated. Such close, early contact with talented researchers, teachers and students can provide excellent exchange regarding competence development and recruiting. The Partner Companies are also invited to participate in various committees working to develop the school and its educational programme. Finally the Partner Companies can also shape their own events and meeting places.

Learning Partnership

By way of expanding their Partnership involvement, a company can enter into a long-term collaboration for developing its strategy and leadership models. Such collaborations have been established with several larger companies such as SCA, Trelleborg AB, Vattenfall, Axis and Bang & Olufsen.

Recruiting Service

The Partner Companies can easily make contact with the students to set up internships or project work, preparing papers, arranging mentorships and other activities. The companies can advertise open positions or search in our CV database. The Career Centre assists the Partner Companies at no cost.

Partner Conference

Once a year the representatives of the Partner Companies gather at traditional Lund festivities. The much-appreciated Partner Conference begins with recognized lecturers and current subjects and continues with a banquet and entertainment.

Idea seminars and information mailings

The Lund University School of Economics and Management has a broad research programme. To make this accessible to the Partner Companies, the Partnership Foundation offers a selection of short, effective CEO seminars with researchers and Partner Companies. E-mail and the Foundation website are used to provide the Partner Companies with current information on planned activities at the Institute for Economic Research and the various subject faculties. The Partner Companies also receive the Lundaekonomen, the School's own quarterly magazine.

Resource persons and advisors

Through the Partner Programme at the Lund University School of Economics and Management a wide selection of contact possibilities are available in support of the development of individual employees and/or of the company as a whole. The most qualified staff, together with around 70 professors and instructors can serve as vital supplements to other resource persons. These are willing to assist at no cost within their own research areas. Indeed many members of the faculty and staff are coveted advisors to the business community.

Alumni portal

You can find economists trained at Lund University in qualified positions all round the world. As a Partner Company, you would have access to the alumni portal established by the Lund University School of Economics and Management, even for in-depth searches.


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