Learning partnerships

One of our prominent research programmes involves the so-called Learning Partnerships, where we, together with industrial partners, identify and conduct long-term research of interest to both parties. Typically, these research areas and projects are cross-disciplinary and also relatively novel in character, and therefore not easily organised under the traditional subject areas and subfields. It is fair to say that these projects are triggered by an interest in contemporary phenomena in the corporate world, rather than a desire to explore certain theories or frameworks. Research questions are outlined jointly by industry partners and our research leaders where the definition of phenomena and the selection of theories form an iterative process which allows us to focus on hot, relevant topics with a broad span of theories, and allows corporate partners to understand and interpret their challenges (the phenomena in question) in a new perspective. Typically, the Learning Partnership projects have been in the strategic management field, focusing on future challenges in different industries, but the projects have also produced several publications within the fields of organisation, information systems, marketing and accounting.

Via Learning Partnerships the latest research knowledge is disseminated to the corporate world, and simultaneously, our researchers get unique and in-depth access to empirical data. This kind of research is of very high relevance to the participating corporations and society at large.

Examples of participating companies in the Learning Partnerships are: SCA Packaging B/V, Brussels; Trelleborg AB; Assa Abloy, Stockholm; BMW (Munich); Bang & Olufsen, Copenhagen.

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Thomas Kalling