Case competitions

Case competitions are like intellectual sport events with a special learning climate and progress. As in all types of competition, the training and coaching leading up to the actual competition is motivating. At LUSEM case competitions are arranged in corporation with the student union LundaEkonomerna, sponsoring partner organisations, and our case academy faculty.

Case competition training activities

LUSEM case competition training activities for students has both general and more special format and content. First of all the student get a solid ground for case solving in class format. At least once a year an open seminar about competing with cases is arranged for all LUSEMs students, preparing them to excel in different case competition format.

A more nisched format is the Case Competition Training programme. The purpose of this format is to replicate an international case competition format. Twelve partici­pants in the training programme are invited based on recommendation by faculty and/or the student union. To qualify, exceptional study results, teamwork spirit and high analytical and presentation skills are necessary.

Over a two-week period, three cases are solved under time pressure in groups of four students. In each case session, each team of four will be given three hours to deliberate on the business case at hand. During this time, teams review the issue, develop a recommendation – including alternatives, implementation plan, financial considerations – and create a presentation to be delivered to the panel of judges.

The three teams’ presentations are followed by a question and answer session with the judges of LUSEM faculty and invited external executives, providing detailed evaluation forms and direct feedback.

Interaction with society and business

The case method of teaching and learning, as applied at LUSEM, helps students develop ways of understanding and contributing to a corporation’s problems. Working with cases in general, and case competition in particular, provides a natural intersection for university students to engage with society and learn about business in different contexts and industries, and vice versa. Examples of case-related co-operations include:

  • A corporation serving as a live case
  • Experienced managers may act as judges in case competitions
  • Corporations working together with a case writer to produce cases