Publish Open Access

Lund University Publishing Policy

Lund University has an open access policy, which means that research results are published in such a way that they are freely accessible online.

Open Access

In Lund University's policy on publishing, researchers are encouraged to publish open access as much as possible, either by publishing in an open access journal or in a journal allowing self-archiving. Self-archiving is a way of making publications that are published or accepted for publication freely available, and means that a full-text version of the publication is uploaded to an institutional repository, such as LUCRIS.

Publishing in open access journals increases research visibility, use and impact. It has been demonstrated in a series of studies that OA leads to more citations. Today, many of the large research funders demand that research results be published so that they are freely accessible to everyone.

Lund University recommends

  • If a freely accessible journal is not available as an equal alternative, a journal allowing parallel publishing/self-archiving should preferably be chosen.
  • Assignment of publishing rights should be avoided. Minimum demands for the author is the right to self-archiving.
  • Lund University should aim to make all scientific journals adopt a publishing model, where the readers are given free access to the articles, directly or by self-archiving.
Last published: 2021-05-19