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how to find books at lusem library

LUBcat - the Library Catalogue

Search for books in our library catalogue LUBcat, which is the common catalogue for all libraries at Lund University. In LUBcat you can also find e-books.

Library catalogue LUBcat

If you search for a book within a specific topic, make an advanced search. Here you can combine different search terms to narrow down your topic. You can also limit your search by using filters, for example publication date, language and library.

In LUBcat you can see where the item is located and on which shelf it is placed. In most cases, the books are arranged by author, with the exception that if it has more than three authors, or an editor, it is placed by title.
If the book is in closed stacks or in storage, it must be ordered. If it is already out on loan, you can request it. When the book is available, you will be notified by e-mail.
We have a transport system between the Lund University Libraries, which means that you can collect and return books at any library.

Other search systems

  • LUBsearch - Lund University Libraries’ common search service for e-resources and printed material.
  • ePublications - Search for e-books at Lund University.
  • Catalogue -1957 – the University Library’s card catalogue, featuring books and journals printed up to and including 1957.
  • LIBRIS – Search for literature in Sweden's national library catalogue.

Do you need help?

Can't find what you are searching for? Are you writing an essay and need help with information retrieval? Or do you want to know more about a specific database?

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Can't find the book, journal or database that you are looking for?

If you can't find what you need in LUBcat orLUBsearch, you may place an interlibrary loan request.

You are also welcome to submit an acquisition request for materials which are not available at the library.