Open Access

For researchers at LUSEM

Lund University has an Open Access policy (in swedish). Researchers are expected (although not obliged) to deposit a copy of their publication in LUCRIS. This is to spread research results to a broader audience and as demonstrated in a series of studies, OA leads to more citations.

Unfortunately there are few good scientific OA journals for research conducted at LUSEM. When you publish in an OA journal LU pays half the cost. If the year’s allocated funds for publishing run out before the end of the year, support ceases until new funds are available. Many recognized journals are now hybrid journals, which offer the author to pay to make the individual article OA. It is often pricy compared to publishing in an OA-journal, and LU does not offer grants for such articles.

A good compromise is to find a publishing house with generous rules for self-archiving. Often you’re permitted to publish a post-print of the article in LUCRIS. A post-print is defined as a post peer review, pre copyedit version of an article.

You can find subscription journal conditions and embargo periods in the Sherpa Romeo database. The information is often standardized, so it is good to check your rights on the publisher website. 

More and more funding agencies require that publicly funded research should be freely available. The University Library has compiled a list of the main contributors and their approach to OA. In Sherpa Juliet, you can read more about the various requirements in the funding agreements.


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If you have any questions or want to book a meeting, contact LUSEM librarians Kent-Inge Andersson or Sandra Elebro at


Lund University recommends

  • If a freely accessible journal is not available as an equal alternative, a journal allowing parallel publishing/self archiving should preferably be chosen.
  • Assignment of publishing rights should be avoided. Minimum demands for the author is the right to self archiving.
  • Lund University should aim to make all scientific journals adopt a publishing model, where the readers are given free access to the articles, directly or by self archiving.