Research Information System



Lund University’s new research information system opened the 11th of April 2016. The system replaces Lund University Publications (LUP) as an input interface for publications, but has many more features. Among other things, researchers are able to register projects and activities such as conference participation, external academic engagements and outreach (“tredje uppgiften”). 

The input interface is called LUCRIS (Lund University Current Research Information System), which has a public web portal - the Research portal. It displays the system’s information in a uniform way, increasing the visibility of research conducted at Lund University. The system will be an important part in future evaluations of the university’s research.

LUSEM requirements

Here follows a quick guide focusing on the information that LUSEMs management team requires researchers to register. It is also possible to register activities and projects (if you are managing a project). However, you are not required to do this now, activities and projects can be left to the annual activity report later this year.

LUCRIS at LUSEM - a very quick guide (pdf)