Borrow and return

The libraries at Lund University have common library conditions and library card. In our catalogue LUBcat you can search for litteratur and check your loans.


If you are a student or employee at Lund University, the LU card is valid as a library card. Others get a library card at one of Lund University's libraries.

Use our library catalogue LUBcat to search for literature, both printed and electronic, and see where it is located. If the item is already out on loan, you can queue for it. You can choose from which of the University Libraries you want to retrieve it.

In LUBcat you can also check your loans. 


We have a transport system between our libraries, which means that you can collect and return books at any library. Books, returned in book drops, are checked in the following working day. Course books that then are overdue, will generate an overdue fee (10 SEK per day).

Please note! Due to the pandemic we don't charge overdue fees at the moment.

At the LUSEM Library we have a book drop box where you can return books. If you are a student or employee at LUSEM, you can access it outside the library hours with your LU card. The University Library (UB) have a drop box outside, on the west side of the building, where you can return books around the clock.

You have an obligation to observe the length of the loan period and to return your borrowed items no later than the due date. We try to assist you in managing your loans and avoiding fines by sending you e-mail reminders and overdue notices. These are sent as a courtesy only, please note that you cannot rely on them. You are, regardless of the circumstances, responsible for all your borrowed materials being returned on time.

What happens if you return the material to late?

Course books that are overdue generate an overdue fee of 10 SEK per book per day. You pay the overdue fee at the library that owns the book. At LUSEM library, you can only pay by card.

Please note! Due to the pandemic we don't charge overdue fees at the moment.

If the item is not returned on time, we will send a reminder through e-mail. After about three weeks, you will get an e-mail which tells you that you must return the material within one week, or you will get an invoice for the acquisition cost or for the handling fee. A week later, you will get the invoice by regular mail.

As a borrower, you are responsible for the borrowed item until it is registered as returned in our library system. If you go away or become ill, please arrange for someone else to return the item for you. It can also be sent by post to us.

If you for some reason cannot return the material, you have to replace it. The easiest way to do this is to buy a new copy and give it to the library.

You are always welcome to contact us if you are having problems with your loans!

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Loan period

Course books - 14 days
Other books - 28 days
Journals - 14 days
Annual reports - 14 days

Automatic renewal if there is no reservation for the material.

Contact the library

LUSEM Library
Alfa6, Scheelevägen 15H
+46 46 222 94 45

Last published: 2021-01-25