Affiliated researchers

Hans-Peter Bermin

Hans-Peter Bermin holds a PhD from Lund University and he is an Executive Director of a major financial company  (London branch), within the Quantitative Research, Fixed Income, division.


Katarzyna Burzynska

Katarzyna Burzynska is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics at Radbound University. She earned her Ph.D. in Economics from Lund University, Sweden. Her research focuses on inter-organizational relationships and networks in financial sector. She is also interested in institutional economics and its applications on transition and developing countries, in particular China.

Charlotte Christiansen 

Charlotte Christiansen is Professor at the Department of Economics and Business and Research Fellow at CREATES, Center for Research in Econometric Analysis of Time Series funded by the Danish National Research Foundation. 

Valeriia Dzhamalova

Valeriia Dzhamalova have a PhD in Economics from Lund University. 

Her research interests are corporate finance, capital structure, banks and real effect of financial crisis.

Ulf Erlandsson 

Ulf Erlandsson is currently active in building a total return fixed income fund with the joint goal of achieving attractive returns and environmental impact.

Based on his Lund University Ph.D. dissertation Markov Regime Switching in Economic Time-Series (2005), he is also studying various ways to model and predict business and credit cycles. 


Rikard Green 

Rikard Green have a PhD in Economics from Lund University. His research interest is in mathematical finance with applications to energy markets, in particular, valuation of derivatives and risk in power markets and related fuel markets.

Ai-Jun Hou

Ai Jun Hou is an assistant professor at Stockholm Business School since Fall 2013, and the director of the Master programme in Banking.  Research interests are financial econometrics, risk spillover between markets, macroeconomics and financial markets and commodity prices.


Lu Liu 

Lu Liu is Assistant Professor in Finance at Stockholm Business School, Stockholm University. She holds PhD in Economics from Lund University. Lu Liu's research focuses on network analysis of financial markets, international finance, and household finance. 


Eva Liljeblom

Eva Liljeblom is Professor in Finance at  at Hanken School of Economics


Veronika Lunina 

Veronika Lunina have a PhD in Economics from Lund University and is now at Nordea Asset Management .        

Caren Yinxia Nielsen

Caren Yinxia Nielsen is research fellow in finance at the Department of International Economics and Management, Copenhagen Business School

Her research interests are maily asset pricing, asset allocation, financial risk management and financial regulation. 



Naciye Sekerci

Naciye Sekerci is an Assistant Professor of Finance and Financial Markets at Utrecht University School of Economics. She obtained her PhD from Lund University, Sweden. 

Her research interests broadly lie within the areas of corporate finance and corporate governance.













Last published: 2021-02-16