Our research

The overarching research strategy of the Department is to be open and inclusive, and it is anchored in three key concepts: relevance, internationalisation, and building research infrastructure. The Department has sought to let a thousand flowers bloom and the result is a very productive, creative, and diverse research environment.

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A young and international department with staff from 30 countries.

The Department of Economic History has a well-established reputation for wide-ranging research programmes with an emphasis on long-term processes, based on economic theory and quantitative methods as important tools.

The research topics are oriented towards issues of high relevance for society. The Department has an acknowledged international publication record and is very successful at attracting external funding. More than 80 percent of the Department’s total budget is dedicated to research. The staff is young and international, with some 30 countries represented. They have extensive international networks and are well represented at international research conferences. There is a linkage between strong research areas and the development of teaching.

Major research areas in economic history: