Historical Database of Scanian Agriculture 1702-1881


The Historical Database of Scanian Agriculture (HDSA) is a micro-level database over farm production in the most southern Swedish region of Scania (Skåne) based on flexible tithes. It contains over 85,000 farm level observations of both vegetable and animal production for the period 1702 to 1881. Moreover, this information is supplemented by information on the farmer, the farm, on enclosures, natural conditions, and distances from the farmstead to towns.

A presentation of the sources behind the data, the composition of the sample, and the way the database can be used to estimate production is found in Olsson, M. & P. Svensson (2017), “Estimating agricultural production in Scania, 1702–1881. User guide for the Historical Database of Scanian Agriculture.” Lund Papers in Economic History 151, Lund University. The second part of this paper performs an overall analysis of the agricultural revolution in the area, showing the development over time of the vegetable and animal production, their respective significance, and an estimation of production per capita 1702 to 1865.

The Historical Database of Scanian Agriculture can be accessed freely: First, a panel dataset encompassing all farms with their output and their characteristics, alongside village and parish variables are found in an excel-file. The file consists of 85,906 observations, where each observation is one farm for one year. In addition to this a STATA do-file txt) is provided with the calculations made on converting tithes into hectoliters based on the assessments, assumptions and decisions made in the paper above. Second, an excel-file is provided with the calculated overall Scanian vegetable production series and the parish series of vegetable production.

The reference when using the database is: Olsson, M and P. Svensson (2017) Historical Database of Scanian Agriculture, version 3.0. Lund: Department of Economic History.

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