Covid-19 and the 2021 autumn semester

Information for students and staff at LUSEM

We are phasing out most pandemic restrictions

The Vice-Chancellor of the University has decided that the lifting of restrictions will take place gradually starting on 29 September and ending on 1 November. The purpose of this is not to risk setbacks and for the return to be smooth and orderly. For example, a large number of furniture has been stored during the pandemic, and it is impossible to get them all in place at the same time.

During October, the School’s study places will gradually open up as stored furniture comes into place. This means that, during October, we will have some fully furnished spaces without decals and restrictions and other spaces where decals and reduced furnishings are still there. In these spaces, the distance restrictions apply until they are removed.

Until 1 November, the teaching will continue as before, i.e. in small groups on site but mainly remotely. From 1 November, we schedule as before the pandemic, with on-site teaching and full use of our premises. Examination will also, as a general rule, take place on site after 1 November. 

From 1 November, you will therefore not be able to follow the teaching remotely. This does not mean that all digital teaching disappears. For example, there may be pedagogical or other reasons why some teaching may continue to be given digitally.

We would also like to take this opportunity to inform you that Region Skåne now offers students and employees at the university to get vaccinated on campus. Learn more at

We look forward to gradually leaving the restrictions behind and return to our campus!

While on campus

It is still important to uphold a safe and secure campus environment for our students and staff. Please consider the following advice when visiting campus:   

  • Avoid crowding if possible
  • Stay at home if you have symptoms of a cold or illness 
  • Wash hands often and thoroughly or use hand sanitiser

The Public Health Agency of Sweden website also provide recommendations and guidelines on individual responsibility for preventing the spread of covid-19.

General guidelines from the Swedish Public Health Agency

Drop in-vaccination

Individuals studying in Sweden during autumn 2021 can either attend a drop-in vaccination on campus in Lund from 28 September to 7 October or make a regular appointment for the first and/or second dose. Vaccination is free of charge in both cases.

If you need support

If you experience difficulties with remote studies or have questions and reflections about the future, there are support available, including:

Last published: 2021-10-01