The Reversed mentorship

A mutual eye opener

The purpose of the Reversed mentorship is to match leaders from companies and organisations (mentees) with students (mentors), with an interest and experience in sustainability work, to exchange experiences and ideas about sustainability and sustainable development during a semester. The leader gets the opportunity to listen to thoughts and ideas of a new generation, and at the same time get valuable feedback on sustainability challenges from their own business. In addition to an expanded professional network, the student gets an insight into a business and its sustainability challenges.


I would certainly recommend participation in the programme. The world is moving so fast and anyone wanting to stay relevant need to stay in touch with their desire to learn new things and adopt to new realities. I believe participation in the Reversed Mentorship programmme strengthen that mindset.

Karl Orrling, Regional Finance Director at Alfa Laval

Q and A’s about the Reversed mentorship

Who can join?

The mentor opportunity is open for students in the Sustainability Future Hub's Student Network. Students from all disciplines in the faculties at Lund University are welcome to apply to the network!

The Reversed mentorship further invites professionals with an interest in sustainability, who wants to get a valuable exchange experience with students from a top University. 

What’s in it for me as a student mentor?

As a student mentor, you get the opportunity to influence the corporate sector and professionals by sharing your insights and opinions on sustainable matters. You get an insight into how business operations functions at the same time as you broaden your network and can apply your skills on real life cases and issues. You will meet with a sustainable oriented professional and thus learn about a particular company and industry, as well as giving input and sharing your own ideas and opinions. 

What’s in it for me as a professional mentee?

You get the unique opportunity to meet regularly with a student with a sustainable oriented mindset, who can give input on sustainable business operations from an academic point of view. Further, not only will you access the opinions and thoughts on how students reason regarding their future potential employers, you will get the chance to discuss and learn about what sustainability matters the younger generation considers important and engage in in their everyday life. The network consists of students from various study backgrounds and nationalities, meaning that a wide mix of skills and knowledge is available. 

What is the connection to sustainability?

The Reversed mentorship offers a bridge between generations and sectors by connecting likeminded individuals with different experiences, knowledge and insights to the aspects of sustainability. Together, the unique mix of skills serves as a foundation to adress the issues the world is facing today - by enhancing a combination of different angles with common goals. As a mentee you can bring a sustainability-related challenge from your own business or organisation to discuss with your mentor.

How much time do I reserve for this?

4-5 meetings during one semester. 

What language is used in the Reversed mentorship?

The Reversed mentorship i held in English mainly as Sustainable Future Hub's Student network consists of both international and Swedish students. 

Sofia Livman and Juan Ocampo, previous participating students from Sustainable Future Hub's Student network.

Are you interested in the Reversed Mentorship?

Contact Martina Oxling to find out more:

Previous and current participants

The following companies have participated in the Reversed mentorship so far:

  • Ablemind
  • Alfa Laval
  • Arkitema
  • SEB
  • Stena fastigheter
  • Vega
  • Vinnova

Four global startups from two of UNOPS Global Innovation Centers: UNOPS GIC Japan in Kobe and UNOPS GIC Sweden at Ideon Science Park in Lund have also participated:

  • Magab (Sweden)
  • Non-polluting dyeing project (China)
  • Save Veggy (Sweden)
  • Solar SEED (USA)