a win-win collaboration

Connecting with our students at an early stage, means getting to know your future employees, managers and leaders. As current students, they will bring the latest skills and competences to their internship.

For LUSEM’s corporate partners

An internship is an effective way to recruit new employees and spread the word about your company as an employer. As a bonus, LUSEM internships will strengthen your visibility and your employer brand among our students.

An internship means that a student work in an organisation for a set period of time, while registered on one of LUSEM’s internship courses. The intern can carry out projects or contribute with the latest knowledge on a topic or a trend that your company are looking into.

An internship is simply an effective way to recruit new employees and spread the word about your company as an employer.

How it works

  • You write a description of the internship together with LUSEM Career Services.
  • The internship must be qualified and relevant to the student’s education, and has to be approved by the director of studies.
  • We promote the internship in our channels, and manage all applications to ensure that the applicants fulfil the formal requirements to apply for an internship course at LUSEM.
  • You interview and choose whom to take on as an intern.
  • You provide a supervisor at your company, who will support the student during the internship.

Salary and fees?

The student receives academic credits for their internship and can apply for study grants and loans, so it is not required that you pay any salary. The credits for completing an internship may be included as part of the student’s degree.

Internships in Sweden

  • For Ekonomie kandidatprogrammet, an internship can either be full-time for half a semester (15 credits), or part-time for an entire semester (15 credits).
  • For our International bachelor’s programmes, an internship in Sweden can also be full-time for an entire semester (30 higher education credits). Internships that are half a semester can be either during the first or during the second half of the semester.

Internships outside of Sweden

If the internship is carried out abroad, it can either be full-time for half a semester (15 credits) or, as recommended, full-time for a full semester (30 credits).


Kristina Eneroth
Senior lecturer, associate professor
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Kristina Eneroth


Stina Vikingson 
LUSEM Career Services
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Last published: 2021-02-09