Paul Rey: How to manage both studies and a professional career


Join in when we make a time management check with Paul Rey, who keeps master studies going along with a professional career.

Paul Rey has during some years now managed to combine a professional career with studies at Lund University School of Economics and Management. Photo: Jens Nordström

Paul Rey has studied Business and Economics and lately an ongoing master in Marketing at LUSEM. He has also a growing music career. How does he manage to combine a professional career with higher education studies? And what happens next, job hunting at business companies or will all the effort be put into developing a music career? Is the choice even relevant? 

Join in when we interview Paul about time management, his years at LUSEM soon coming to and end, career dreams and the best lessons learned from both studies and his parallel career.

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3 May 2021


This is an online meeting.


Anna Löthman