Let’s Get Ready to Contextualize with Viswanath Venkatesh


"Building on continuing calls to contextualization and the impacts that context can have, I discuss specific potential approaches to contextualization and how rich scientific contributions can be made in a variety of emerging contexts resulting from digitalization."

Viswanath Venkatesh

"I also illustrate missed opportunities in prior research due to a lack of sufficient contextualization. Finally, I seek to broaden the view of scientific contributions to be more inclusive of contextualized contributions—and how such a broader view itself can be the key to successful contextualization and concomitant contribution, especially in contexts emerging as a result of digitalization."

Viswanath Venkatesh (or Venki), who completed his PhD at the University of Minnesota, is an Eminent Scholar, Verizon Chair and Director of the Executive PhD program at the Pamplin College of Business, Virginia Tech. He is widely regarded as one of the most influential scientists, both in terms of premier journal publications and citation impact (e.g., Clarivate, Thomson Reuters’ highlycited.com, Emerald Citations, SSRN, PloS Biology), with a recent career ranking of 485th (out of ~9 million scientists in all scientific fields) and 1st in information systems.

The sponsorship of his research has been about US$10M. His work has appeared in leading journals in human-computer interaction, information systems, organizational behavior, psychology, marketing, medical informatics, and operations management, and included best paper awards (e.g., Academy of Management Journal). His works have been cited over 156,000 times (Google Scholar) and over 51,000 times (Web of Science), with an h-index of 85 and i-10 index of 140.

He developed and maintains an IS research rankings web site that has received many accolades from the academic community including Association for Information Systems’ Technology Legacy Award. He has served in editorial roles in various journals. He is a Fellow of the AIS and the Information Systems Society, INFORMS.

Prof. Viswanath Venkatesh is a Pufendorf IAS guestresearcher with the 2022 Theme Designing Sustainable Digital Work and will be in Lund for two weeks starting Jan. 22, and then two weeks starting March 27th. For more about the Pufendorf themes, please visit https://www.pi.lu.se/en/themes-0/designing-sustainable-digital-work and https://www.pi.lu.se/en/pufendorf-ias 

(or the Swedish pages: https://www.pi.lu.se/teman/hallbara-digitala-arbetsplatser and https://www.pi.lu.se/pufendorfinstitutet)

27 January 2023


Holger Crafoords Ekonomicentrum EC3
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